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30 January 2035 @ 09:15 pm

Old fictions are still public. New fan fictions are now at yacchan_fics. If you're only here for fanfictions, and not for me as a person, then do please follow that community. :)

Um, If you want to add me because you want to know about me, then it's okay. But I post personal entries so please comment below so that I can add you back? :) I love friends [friends =/= lurkers]. Just tell me how you found me and why you're adding me (similar fandom, talked elsewhere... etc.)

yatsuiko_chan = Yacchan's Main Journal
aoiaoidesu = Yacchan's Secondary (for AniManga rants) Journal

Also, RANDOM ADDING IS NOT COOL YO. Hornet will hack into your system if you continue doing that T.T

Basic Stuff you Need to Know Before Adding Me.Collapse )</span>
Current Location: Philippines
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02 January 2014 @ 09:32 pm
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11 April 2012 @ 02:49 pm
Just going back 30 entries into my friend page and already saw 4 people saying goodbye to the fandom. *o*
So I won't leave the fandom XD Leaving is too mainstream right now hahaha.


Let me read through all my f-page again first then I'll post whatever shit I've been up to (not that there has been a lot but whatever)

/omg I actually miss Yamada *o* How long have I not seen his face...
04 March 2012 @ 03:55 pm
rofl as expected, Kyomoto Taiga is the main reason why I'm back in fandom.

I think they would look cute together kk. lol ignore my delusional fantasies~

They look like siblings at some point though ~_~" TAIGA IS SO PRETTY I CAN'T EVEN.

They're both so adorable aaaah. /needs.to.stop.ps-ing.them.

~Anyways, has nobody watched sabadoru yeeet? Also Spec-ops?
01 January 2012 @ 04:34 am

I'll go sentimental once I am able to properly have my social skillz back.
Wait for me, friends *o* I WILL BE BACK SOMEDAY.



That's all.
26 November 2011 @ 11:20 pm
These are the caps for Shida and Ohgo's SP part and its corresponding story. So it's a kind of rough translation of everything.

Of course those who don't care can just ignore this. MOVING ON TO THIS WEIRD SP.Collapse )
30 October 2011 @ 10:53 pm

Happy birthday Tochihara Rakuto, the cutest and the closest person to be my ideal guy I've ever seen♥

Ah you grew up quite well, didn't you~? (though really, you should get some roles I could actually watch! ;_; One yaoi and then one S&M movie?! How can I watch that =_=") Do I always have to rewatch KR Agito and RH Plus just to see you?!

I first saw you as Asumu Adachi. It was love at first sight... probably XD You were so cute and all! I remember being embarrassed because my classmate thought Kamen Rider Hibiki was super corny, but still I watched everyday because your smile made me feel really, really happy ;///; I still feel all tingly when I watch you speak or act. Anything you do is more or less lovely to me :D

You look girly and all but you act like a boyish kid off the camera. You're sort-of like Ageha, aren't you?! XD I loved watching your super hyper videos back then ^^

Please continue being a darling and please never ever leave ♥ I love you♥
...omg wait are you a hori graduate? And on Shoon's batch?! I love you even more! /dies. rofl anyway, let's end with your own words:

"I want to be a warm person.
I want to be a considerate person.
I want to be a person who will be able to protect other people."

/Happy Birthday sweetie♥
26 September 2011 @ 04:48 pm
It's obviously the end for me when it comes to Economics. If I actually pass that subject, that would mean miracles still do happen. I'm actually wondering if praying will do anything in this case. But then I don't pray. So let's not even think of that. /sigh.

Other than that, statistics have been really nice and fun because of our professor. I think I would understand Economics more if he was the teacher. Yeah. Why am I so bitter. :|


Just looking at this girl and her playing with bubbles... makes me extremely happy♥ I need more Nonchan in my life *o*

Shipping this so much. I haven't bothered reading Kotori's post of why they're together in this picture (because I'm a lazy ass) but they're always so cute together~! Momona and Yuuno are always together (while Mikoto is with being a princess and going with everyone). Anyway, Kotori'okaa-san fussing over everyone is cute so she deserves a hubby :3 /myotpsstartsyoung.

♥On completely unrelated note, I went to Kisumai's single launch (here in the Philippines) last Saturday. But I went away immediately because I didn't have sleep yet then and had to go home to rest XD I was awake from Friday to Saturday kk. (I was watching Proposal Daisakusen so I couldn't sleep haha)

Picture is relevant because FANDOM IS SO FUN. amaimuffin29 posted this up recently and I just loooooved remembering about this one. My first fan gathering :D It was Chinen's birthday, wasn't it? Funny thing is, during this time most of them weren't my friends. We were scared and shy of other people XD But now most of the people in this picture are people I talk to and at least are friends with :)

...I miss my fandom Okaa-sama ;_; why don't I know where Haru'kaa-sama is?! /sobs

♥ Went to nightbaron079's place today and met up with nuitecarlate there too. I brought my brother kotaro_4_6 XD IT WAS SO FUN! WE WATCHED JUMPARTY YAAAAY.

LOL. This is one of my ideas while watching. Seriously guys. Wouldn't it be ~fun~ to see them play something like that?! XD Weeeell, Jenga is fun too though. Especially since everyone is crazy. And Chinen is adorable and really, really captures my shipper heart. He flirted with Yamada, Yuto, Keito, Daiki and Yuya, didn't he?! I THINK SO. I CAN SEE IT. Especially the Keito part because I'm biased. And the Yuya part because I love hearing Chinen say Yuya/Yuuyan while the others call him Takaki-kun. ALL THE LOVE, CHINEN YURI. ALL THE LOVE♥

Obviously on crack, ain't I?Collapse )

♥ Have to sleep now though since I'll be going to the Manila International Book Fair tomorrow. YAAAAY BOOK SALE GALORE YAAAAY.

♥ AH WAIT, I NEED TO SAY THIS: DOES ANYONE HAVE STREAMING LINKS FOR FOURZE EPISODE 2? I need to befriend the hell out of J.K. and that goth girl so I need to watch soon. XD
On that note, you should all click this sentence because gokaigerxfourze is awesome.

...there, goodnight for real o/