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[SUB] 02.01.2020 Snow Man/SixTONES Shabekuri007

Today is Jan 22nd 2020 and so it is Snow Man and SixTONES debut date! Congratulations to the boys and the fans!

In order to celebrate, I've subbed their appearance on Shabekuri007 at the start of the NY. It's also one of my all-time favourite variety shows so it was fun!


Thanks to the raw provider who let me use the video! This raw also has the small clips of Sakurai Sho, Matsumoto Jun. Murakami Shingo and Ashida Mana's previous appearances, but I didn't sub those :(

I have another version which is better quality but 2gb, PM me if you'd like it :)


1. IKKO is a make-up artist and TV personality

2. Pyonce is a nickname for the MC Ueda

3. Board breaking is pronounced itawari which also means to take care of, be considerate etc. The kanji is different.

4. Ozoni is a traditional Japanese soup for New Years. Shintaro must have picked it because the show aired on Jan 2nd. Rice porridge (okayu) is common to give to people who are sick

5. Croquette (Korokke) is a famous impressionist/comedian

6. Wipe (Wipe gei) is the small window in variety shows to show the reactions of the people watching a video

7. The kanji for letter (お便り) uses the same kanji for convenient (便利) that Meguro mistook it for 

Anything else you don't understand, or if there are any mistakes, please let me know!

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Holidays Gift for Jas!!! Tomoda x Kurumi

Tomoda had no idea why Kurumi wasn’t answering her phone. She always called him out of the blue when he was busy with something else but the moment he needed to talk to her, she was suddenly unreachable. It was often a bad omen, too. Whenever she didn’t answer her phone, she was either being kidnapped, confronting a murderer, or planning something troublesome. He did not like his odds.

He breathed a sigh of relief when he reached the University’s math department and heard her voice from inside. She was safe, then.

“Oh!” She exclaimed, clapping her hands. There was a huge flat-screen TV in front of her, just beside the blackboard. She was so engrossed on whatever was on the screen that she didn’t notice Tomoda stepping into the room.

“This is it!” She pointed to the blackboard where a long and complicated equation was written. He had no idea what it meant, as usual. “I’m sure it’s Arata and Ai,” she said, rubbing her hands together like a diabolical villain. “I’ve calculated it perfectly!”

Tomoda watched as a couple on the screen stepped up towards a pedestal. After a long tense silence, the light under them turned green.

“See!” Kurumi exclaimed, jumping up and down in excitement. “Math wins again!”

He had no idea what just happened, but it seemed impolite to not say anything no matter how fun watching her was. He cleared his throat.

She turned to the door in surprise, hands in front of her as if to defend against intruders. Perhaps he should remind her more to lock the door when she’s alone, what with criminals continuously coming for her. Or he could teach her self-defense. Maybe.

“Tomoda-san!” Her surprise turned immediately into unabashed joy as soon as she saw him.

It should probably not make him feel as warm as it did. He cleared his throat again, pushing down any unnecessary feelings. This was not the time for that. (It would never be the time for that.)

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Just going back 30 entries into my friend page and already saw 4 people saying goodbye to the fandom. *o*
So I won't leave the fandom XD Leaving is too mainstream right now hahaha.


Let me read through all my f-page again first then I'll post whatever shit I've been up to (not that there has been a lot but whatever)

/omg I actually miss Yamada *o* How long have I not seen his face...

Taiga makes me come out to flail, obviously

rofl as expected, Kyomoto Taiga is the main reason why I'm back in fandom.

I think they would look cute together kk. lol ignore my delusional fantasies~

They look like siblings at some point though ~_~" TAIGA IS SO PRETTY I CAN'T EVEN.

They're both so adorable aaaah. /

~Anyways, has nobody watched sabadoru yeeet? Also Spec-ops?

This post is late but whatevs


Happy birthday Tochihara Rakuto, the cutest and the closest person to be my ideal guy I've ever seen♥

Ah you grew up quite well, didn't you~? (though really, you should get some roles I could actually watch! ;_; One yaoi and then one S&M movie?! How can I watch that =_=") Do I always have to rewatch KR Agito and RH Plus just to see you?!

I first saw you as Asumu Adachi. It was love at first sight... probably XD You were so cute and all! I remember being embarrassed because my classmate thought Kamen Rider Hibiki was super corny, but still I watched everyday because your smile made me feel really, really happy ;///; I still feel all tingly when I watch you speak or act. Anything you do is more or less lovely to me :D

You look girly and all but you act like a boyish kid off the camera. You're sort-of like Ageha, aren't you?! XD I loved watching your super hyper videos back then ^^

Please continue being a darling and please never ever leave ♥ I love you♥
...omg wait are you a hori graduate? And on Shoon's batch?! I love you even more! /dies. rofl anyway, let's end with your own words:

"I want to be a warm person.
I want to be a considerate person.
I want to be a person who will be able to protect other people."

/Happy Birthday sweetie♥