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Introduction Post

Old fictions are still public. New fan fictions are now at yacchan_fics. If you're only here for fanfictions, and not for me as a person, then do please follow that community. :)

Um, If you want to add me because you want to know about me, then it's okay. But I post personal entries so please comment below so that I can add you back? :) I love friends [friends =/= lurkers]. Just tell me how you found me and why you're adding me (similar fandom, talked elsewhere... etc.)

yatsuiko_chan = Yacchan's Main Journal
aoiaoidesu = Yacchan's Secondary (for AniManga rants) Journal

Also, RANDOM ADDING IS NOT COOL YO. Hornet will hack into your system if you continue doing that T.T

I am Yatsuiko and I am a fangirl.

I can leave it at that and it would still define a large part of me. That's how big a part Jpop is to my life. About 60% of my day is spent on thinking about fandom related stuff. :p

People call me Yacchan here in LJ. I write fanfictions and make graphics. Most are fail but I have moments of glory :3 I also have a thing for making pimp posts, but I've only posted Kamiki's (this one became pretty popular LOL).

Oguri Shun was the reason why I became a fangirl. I saw him jumping off a building in GTO, and I fell in love. Weird, I know! He was adorable, okay?! And then I discovered Matsumoto Jun through him, because they're married and all :D

Because of Jun (mainly, Sawada Shin :p) I became a JE fan. And the rest is history!

My main fandom is Hey! Say! JUMP, but I love Arashi the most. I have a love-hate relationship with the KATTUN fandom. TegoMass is the main reason why I watch NEWS, and RyoUchi was the reason why I researched about them. Kanjani8 makes me curious. Johnny's Juniors (both Tokyo and Kansai) are the ultimate happy thoughts for me :3

Chinen Yuri is my ichiban.
Ohno Satoshi is my admired senpai. (No, seriously.)
Tegoshi Yuya is my Princess.
Kyomoto Taiga is my Prince.

♥ I ship anyone and everyone. There came a time when OTPs started not existing in my mind.

♥♥♥ Kamiki Ryunosuke deserves three hearts. I'm obsessed with him. (Be ready for this when you want to be my friend, because I flail a lot). He's the reason why I'm into AMUSE.
♥ I obsess over AMUSE in general too: Miura Haruma, Sato Takeru, Sakurada Dori, Sakamoto Shougo, Ueno Juri, Uehara Takuya, Yanagisawa Takahiko, Koseki Yuta, Karen Girl's (yes, seriously!), Koide Keisuke, Takahashi Mai (Extra ♥ for her XD). And many more :3 I basically flail at everyone XD

♥ I also love AKB48 so much :) AKBingo brought me to the fandom, so I'm not in it for the songs, actually. I can't really choose my bias but my top 5 would be: (in no particular order) Oota Aika, Miyazawa Miho, Kashiwagi Yuki, Ooya Shizuka and Amina Sato.

♥ If I were a boy, I'd fall in love with Miyazaki Aoi. Then again, I'm still in love with her even if I'm a girl :3

♥ Cocoa Otoko and KenKen are creeping inside my heart more and more:3
♥ Horikoshi is one of my favorite fandoms!
♥ AVEX knows just how to make me smile ^^ I looove DREAM5 ^^
♥ Lately, I've been stalking the Yamashita Kyoudai way too much and Taiyou too. IDK. It makes me happy, I guess.

♥ I have more fandoms but these are my main ones -__-".
♥ ...also, I'm an anime fan. But people don't relate to me so much when I rant about those here :| I need more anime fans, really. I like Shoujo, Shounen, Seinen and just about everything (but surprisingly not Yaoi).

♥ Beware: If you are one of those people who call JUMP 'Yama-chantachi'... I'll kill you. Or at least not talk to you. I don't like those kinds of people. Also, don't expect me to change OTPs and don't even try to convince me about the realness of YamaChii. I know it's real, just as every JUMP pairing is actually. I just like the other pairings better.
♥ Kpop is not a good topic to talk to me with.

♥ I respect your opinions, respect mine too.

Personal things: Yatsuiko is Filipino. 17 years old, never turning 18. Dreams of becoming a preschool teacher. Will build a preschool someday, and will become really rich. Shall go to Japan one day. Is especially nice to people who are especially nice too. Can bully anyone. Is a brat. Is a procrastinator. Has a long-attention span in RL but a short attention span in fandom.
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