September 3rd, 2011


Flailing like mad yo

(click picture to watch the video!)
THIS. Taiga ♥___♥ I'm so proud of him :'> He has his own CM~ And he looks so handsome in it :D I was flailing like mad when I saw it. TAIGA, GO GET SOME MORE EXPOSURE AND THEN FINALIZE THE NAME "TEAM TAIGA"! GO, GO, GO!
(Also, that woman makes me think of that guy from 2PM and Nocchi XD It's nice to help out people but you know, it's weird when you suddenly do it XD)

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Woah. This post is so long. *__*
On RL news, I made a speech about the 4 ways by which singing helped me in life and delivered it in front of class. I had to sing a lot of songs for it. Imagine it: Yacchan, scared of speaking in front of class, actually making a speech and even singing in front of a bunch of people. *sigh* It went well though so I'm happy about it. My professor told me that it was a nice speech and that I had a nice voice too :3

The funny thing about it is that I've been practicing in front of my friends for a few days already and after my performance, they were all: "Wow, your voice sounds nice". I was all "HUH? I've been singing in front of you for three days already! Didn't you ever listen?!"

They said I sing but they can't quite hear my voice? Some of my friends told me that already so I sort-of get it. "Your voice is beautiful but it's too quiet, you know? That's the same for your opinions. You should raise your voice!"

Aaah. Should really work with my confidence huh ;_;