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Picture is relevant because FANDOM IS SO FUN. amaimuffin29 posted this up recently and I just loooooved remembering about this one. My first fan gathering :D It was Chinen's birthday, wasn't it? Funny thing is, during this time most of them weren't my friends. We were scared and shy of other people XD But now most of the people in this picture are people I talk to and at least are friends with :)

...I miss my fandom Okaa-sama ;_; why don't I know where Haru'kaa-sama is?! /sobs

♥ Went to nightbaron079's place today and met up with nuitecarlate there too. I brought my brother kotaro_4_6 XD IT WAS SO FUN! WE WATCHED JUMPARTY YAAAAY.

LOL. This is one of my ideas while watching. Seriously guys. Wouldn't it be ~fun~ to see them play something like that?! XD Weeeell, Jenga is fun too though. Especially since everyone is crazy. And Chinen is adorable and really, really captures my shipper heart. He flirted with Yamada, Yuto, Keito, Daiki and Yuya, didn't he?! I THINK SO. I CAN SEE IT. Especially the Keito part because I'm biased. And the Yuya part because I love hearing Chinen say Yuya/Yuuyan while the others call him Takaki-kun. ALL THE LOVE, CHINEN YURI. ALL THE LOVE♥

Obviously on crack, ain't I?Collapse )

♥ Have to sleep now though since I'll be going to the Manila International Book Fair tomorrow. YAAAAY BOOK SALE GALORE YAAAAY.

♥ AH WAIT, I NEED TO SAY THIS: DOES ANYONE HAVE STREAMING LINKS FOR FOURZE EPISODE 2? I need to befriend the hell out of J.K. and that goth girl so I need to watch soon. XD
On that note, you should all click this sentence because gokaigerxfourze is awesome.

...there, goodnight for real o/