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30 October 2011 @ 10:53 pm

Happy birthday Tochihara Rakuto, the cutest and the closest person to be my ideal guy I've ever seen♥

Ah you grew up quite well, didn't you~? (though really, you should get some roles I could actually watch! ;_; One yaoi and then one S&M movie?! How can I watch that =_=") Do I always have to rewatch KR Agito and RH Plus just to see you?!

I first saw you as Asumu Adachi. It was love at first sight... probably XD You were so cute and all! I remember being embarrassed because my classmate thought Kamen Rider Hibiki was super corny, but still I watched everyday because your smile made me feel really, really happy ;///; I still feel all tingly when I watch you speak or act. Anything you do is more or less lovely to me :D

You look girly and all but you act like a boyish kid off the camera. You're sort-of like Ageha, aren't you?! XD I loved watching your super hyper videos back then ^^

Please continue being a darling and please never ever leave ♥ I love you♥
...omg wait are you a hori graduate? And on Shoon's batch?! I love you even more! /dies. rofl anyway, let's end with your own words:

"I want to be a warm person.
I want to be a considerate person.
I want to be a person who will be able to protect other people."

/Happy Birthday sweetie♥