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Flailing like mad yo

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THIS. Taiga ♥___♥ I'm so proud of him :'> He has his own CM~ And he looks so handsome in it :D I was flailing like mad when I saw it. TAIGA, GO GET SOME MORE EXPOSURE AND THEN FINALIZE THE NAME "TEAM TAIGA"! GO, GO, GO!
(Also, that woman makes me think of that guy from 2PM and Nocchi XD It's nice to help out people but you know, it's weird when you suddenly do it XD)

Haha. Just want to say this :p I swear, my shipper goggles tend to be on even when I'm just normally looking through things XD. And if it is not obvious enough, I do ship Yuto with Taiga. Ever since the start of time.

You know what I miss? Flailing about Kamiki Ryunosuke, that's what. Well, it feels as if I haven't talked about him for a while. Which might not be true because I tend to talk about him a lot.

THIS VIDEO HERE is such a cute video >///<

I think it was only during Kame saying 'Oppa' that I actually appreciated hearing Korean. And well, now :3 "Anyeong!" YOU'RE SO ADORABLE, KAMIKI RYUNOSUKE ♥.♥ And when he received his award from the Korean Awards event thingy, he spoke Korean at the start and at the end *o* So cute >///< I love how the girls squealed when he spoke XD

And he was so hyper during the event too :3 Obviously, he's still a child! The other people who won were walking slowly with those elegant smiles and all, but when he was called... He had this :DDDDDDDDD smile and it looked as if he was bouncing in excitement XD Adorable, riiight?!


This picture is relevant to Gokaiger and you cannot convince me otherwise XD LOL. I've watched Episode 27 ad I am so happy >///< MY SHIP IS SAILING♥ The ending was brilliant~!

On that note, I've watched CordaMyu :D It's so cute ^^ I watched it two times already~! As for this picture, all I can say is: Koseki Yuta is a perfect Shimizu :3 The sleepy way he talks, his cuteness... everything looked so perfect for me!

Bullet of ideas:

♥ HIHARA IS SO CUTE, I CAN'T EVEN. At first I was all, "This guy ;_; You are so... why are you cast as Hihara?! Hihara is adorable and you're not!!!" And then there he was, singing and dancing and being adorable! HOW DID HE DO THAT?! Also, his expression when his hand was held by Hino... Just wow. My heart went Kyun♥ because of how he looked XD (I can so imagine him as a perfect Jeremy / Yuuki btw. Hm.)

♥ This kid is adorable :3 It's Lili :p She looks like Shida, somehow XD I love her voice and the way she dances~ She's just a cute little button *o*

(Crappy lyrics / Nice Chemistry XD)
♥ And then there was Ren. Oh Ren *o* So cool and cold. I didn't remember shipping him with Hino that much since I was a Tsuchiura/Hino/Hihara shipper. But in this... well, the chemistry just sort-of exploded on my face when they started interacting! They look so good together~ And when he held her hand... *sigh* Brilliant pairing. Oh and Ren's voice is the most beautiful voice out of everyone, at least for me :D

♥ Tsuchiura was this guy who was also Rakuto's partner in Junjou. I forgot his name. I call him 'crybaby' because that's what he is XD Anyway, I can't really see him as a partner for Hino. That saddened me a bit, since I liked Tsuchiura a lot :< huhu. I still sort-of like him though. Just not as much.

And as a last though, here's a character guide XD:

♥ This cast is lovely :3 And this Musical was really fun to watch :D You can download it... um, just google it and it will appear. It's not Friends locked anyhow :)

Woah. This post is so long. *__*
On RL news, I made a speech about the 4 ways by which singing helped me in life and delivered it in front of class. I had to sing a lot of songs for it. Imagine it: Yacchan, scared of speaking in front of class, actually making a speech and even singing in front of a bunch of people. *sigh* It went well though so I'm happy about it. My professor told me that it was a nice speech and that I had a nice voice too :3

The funny thing about it is that I've been practicing in front of my friends for a few days already and after my performance, they were all: "Wow, your voice sounds nice". I was all "HUH? I've been singing in front of you for three days already! Didn't you ever listen?!"

They said I sing but they can't quite hear my voice? Some of my friends told me that already so I sort-of get it. "Your voice is beautiful but it's too quiet, you know? That's the same for your opinions. You should raise your voice!"

Aaah. Should really work with my confidence huh ;_;
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