Yatsuiko-chan (yatsuiko_chan) wrote,

All I do is regress

It's obviously the end for me when it comes to Economics. If I actually pass that subject, that would mean miracles still do happen. I'm actually wondering if praying will do anything in this case. But then I don't pray. So let's not even think of that. /sigh.

Other than that, statistics have been really nice and fun because of our professor. I think I would understand Economics more if he was the teacher. Yeah. Why am I so bitter. :|


Just looking at this girl and her playing with bubbles... makes me extremely happy♥ I need more Nonchan in my life *o*

Shipping this so much. I haven't bothered reading Kotori's post of why they're together in this picture (because I'm a lazy ass) but they're always so cute together~! Momona and Yuuno are always together (while Mikoto is with being a princess and going with everyone). Anyway, Kotori'okaa-san fussing over everyone is cute so she deserves a hubby :3 /myotpsstartsyoung.

♥On completely unrelated note, I went to Kisumai's single launch (here in the Philippines) last Saturday. But I went away immediately because I didn't have sleep yet then and had to go home to rest XD I was awake from Friday to Saturday kk. (I was watching Proposal Daisakusen so I couldn't sleep haha)
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