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Bullied Child Story

These are the caps for Shida and Ohgo's SP part and its corresponding story. So it's a kind of rough translation of everything.

It started out with Shida going to school. Students going around quickly. And so on.

Then we get to the Bullying part in which we see the most famous bullying scene: locking the student in a cubicle and throwing water at her. (THIS HAPPENED TO YUTO IN HIS DRAMA TOO LOL). They generally push her around and do all the usual stuff.

Then Ohgo Suzuka makes her entrance. I didn't get her name cause I fail. Anyway, she's this cool girl who doesn't say much in her introduction. "Yoroshiku" was her only word, I think.

When she passed by Shida, she offered her a handkerchief because she was wet! :D Cutie moment much.

Things changed when: While Shida was being pushed around, Ohgo passed by and pushed one of the bullies. Of course they got angry. Then Shida gave Ohgo back her handkerchief. She also said thank you.

After that, in class, Shida and Ohgo were cleaning. The bullies came in and threw the trash can on the floor. Shida was shocked and was sad and all. Ohgo went on her knees and took all the trash. The bullies got more angry!

This is why Ohgo became the new target. They pushed her around and it resulted to her being scraped on the arm. It cut her sleeve. Shida went to her side, asking "Are you okay?". She saw that Ohgo didn't have blood on her arm. Ohgo said she was fine.

For some reason, Shida heard something which made her look into Ohgo's past. I think it was two girls whispering about "the weird transfer student"? Not sure. She then saw a forum talking about Ohgo. The gist of it was that Ohgo was a Robot. "It can't be..." was all she could say.

The bullying intensified. Ohgo's things were thrown out of the window and written with stupid things. It was so harsh :'( But even with all of that, Ohgo never cried, never reacted harshly. She was acting too cool. This shot was Shida saying "It's because she's a robot."

Then Shida went back to the room and saw all the bad things written on Ohgo's desk. The bullies just got out, laughing all along. This was the time she snapped, saying "They bullied you because of me. I'm sorry." or something. Ohgo sort-of smirked and said "They're not bullying you now, so it's good." Shida (second picture) looked really depressed because of that so she said "This can't go on!" She took Ohgo's hand and pulled her out.

THEN THIS HAPPENED. IT WAS SO ADORABLE. They had so much fun and all. Laughing around, having fun. Shida wanted Ohgo to have a friend and to be happy. AWWW.

After that, we get a shot of them eating at the rooftop together ♥

But of course, bullies had to come and ruin everything. They went and said stupid stuff I did't care about. Then they took a metal bat and gave it to Shida, saying "Hit her and we leave you alone"? idk, it was something about bullying and leaving someone alone *o*

And we get this :(
Shida was about to hit her and Ohgo was ready for it, just staring at her.
And then memories of their moments flashed in Shida's mind. So she dropped the bat and said:
"It's definitely weird! Why do you have to bully people? Why do you have to bully any one of us?" And she ranted about that.

The bullies got angry at her so they took the bat and was about to hit Ohgo when

Shida shielded her! :D
FRIENDSHIP WINS THE DAY. Bullies ran away, shouting something about Shida being a weirdo or something. They'll let them off for now ~_~

We get a really cute moment here of course. With Shida saying something to Ohgo and Ohgo being touched.

We get a hug scene of epic friendship and cute warm smiles!!!

Shida then proceeded to ask if Ohgo was hurt, in which she said she was a bit hurt? And Shida was shocked and said "But you're a robot!"

And Ohgo laughs (?) and says she's not and asks why Shida thought so.
Shida says it's because Ohgo didn't have a wound before and she had something in her arm that looks like it was from a robot.
Ohgo said it was because during 5th grade, something happened so her arm had that.

They smiled and we get a happy, happy atmosphere.


In the end, Ohgo Shida was a robot. And after that we get a scene with Shida surrounded by scientists checking on her.

Apparently, she cried because she didn't want to forget Ohgo! O_O Everything is weirder than I first thought.

Last scene was her being in a new school with a blank expression.

(random screencaps)

I think I jumped through one part, which was Shida and Ohgo talking on the rooftop. asdfghjkl; I didn't understand it. SOMEONE UPLOAD IT AAAH.

Asami's part was creepy as well -_-" But at least with was a good ending, compared to this!

All the OhgoShi was precious though so not complaining!

HUGE EDIT! Apparently, it was SHIDA who was the robot. All along. O_O NOW IT IS TONS WEIRDER WHAT. I'm too lazy to edit the whole entry now ~_~ Thank you for nishoken for the description!
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