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This tag is to get to know the person behind the blog better. As with any tagging game, there are rules:
Rule 1: post the rules.
Rule 2: Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then make 11 new ones.
Rule 3: Tag 11 people and link them to your post.
Rule 4: – Let them know you’ve tagged them.

1. If “LIFE” is a person, what would you say to him/her?
Hm. "Just go on" haha. I don't think Life has time to chat with me, actually.

2. What is your biggest fear?
Rejection? Failure? The unknown future? Basically it's things I can't quite grasp and control. I don't try lots of things because I have the fear of them going wrong, or of people rejecting me. I get too scared to move forward that I always stay the same.

3. Who is your role model/hero?
Wow hard question! My role model would be Teacher Barbie, the faculty adviser in the preschool at our college. She's carefree, spiritual and knows what she's doing. She has passion for what she does, but always thinks about her happiness before doing anything. I love that carefree attitude XD She thinks everything will go on fine as long as she's living to do things.

If it's someone famous though... I don't know :o Um. (AnnaSophia Robb is the closest I can think of, and also Richard Bach's second wife has always been an important hero to me)

4. Who is your closest online friend?
asdfghjkl; I've been talking way too much with the person who tagged me in this lately XD And the other people I know aren't really online friends because I see them in person?

5. What do you think of “anonymous hate message(s)”?
They're stupid and cowardly? I don't really get why you have to be anonymous. Or actually why you have to send hate messages. As fanfiction.net writers used to say "Constructive criticism helps, hate messages just hurt"

6. If you’re to gain psychic power, what would it be?
I want to be able to move things with my mind~~~~~ Or be invisible~~~~ Or to stop time like Ninomae-kun~~~~ Heehee. But the moving things with my mind is the number one choice because I'm lazy and it doesn't harm anyone if used properly AND it isn't obvious to anyone if I hide it enough.

7. Describe yourself in one sentence.
I'm very indecisive, weak and too quiet but I am also highly manipulative, someone who rise up to challenges and an awesome researcher.

8. What was your childhood dream?
I wanted to be a nurse so bad, until I realized being a nurse doesn't entitle you to stay at the infant's and pediatric center all the time. That's when I decided to be a preschool teacher XD

9. Top 5 cartoon/tv shows/anime.
so vague and wideeee. Augh. Hard question >///< Well then, um. I'll just say the ones that pop out inside my head. Avatar: the Legend of Aang, HIMYM, Heroes, Phineas and Ferb and... I'll leave the last one open. BECAUSE I DIDN'T INCLUDE ANIME. Anime would take up all the spots and it'll be too hard to choose 5 !!!

10. Are you happy with your current self?
Yes. I'm where I want to be, doing various stuff everyday that makes me feel fulfilled. There's a balance of being in the right path and being surprised along the way, so I think this is good. Of course there's room for improvement. But hey, if I'm not happy with myself, how will I ever be able to do what I want? I'm open to change, and that's why I like myself right now.

11. A letter to your future self.
Dear self, hi. I've written lots of letters like this to you before so I guess you'll be fed up of reading all those sentimental letters. Do you still like Japan? How about your first love? Did you successfully forget him? (Oh god, I'm hoping it's a yes because it'll be such an embarrassing thing to still like him at that time) Are you a preschool teacher now? I'm really curious of what you are right now. Are you happy? I'm happy myself, so I'm hoping you are. I did not take any wrong turns, did I? Well, if I did, I know you have some awesome skills to climb out of whatever mess I could have brought you in. I'll study hard and do all kinds of stuff so you won't have any regrets!!! That's a promise from this younger you :D


1. Which Johnny band is your favourite?


2. Why?
I am very eclectic when it comes to choosing new fandoms, and I often fangirl about various fandoms at a time but Arashi is the only one that I can say for sure is the fandom I will always go back to. It's like when I was addicted to Hey! Say! JUMP, but was still watching every Arashi show. Or how even when I'm determined to only watch Anime, I still end up watching one or two Arashi variety shows. They're basically "home".

Also, every other fandom gets me upset. But in Arashi, it's like loving Arashi is enough for me. No matter what the other fans say, I'll still like them. I won't hold grudges against the fellow Arashi fans.

And finally, it's because Arashi themselves are true and they generally have fun in whatever they choose to do. You can see it in them and seeing that thing, it makes you want to watch them more.

3. Who is your favourite Johnny?
asdfghjkl; this is hard. I might as well say "Kyomoto Taiga". I would say Ohno but I haven't watched his Kaibutsu SP nor his knew kagi drama and it's making me feel more unworthy as a fan. (I watched Mou Yuukai though and aaaaahhhhh it was pretty)

4. Why?
Kyomo-chan is a record breaker XD I read his interview translations, watch SC for him, DL his pictures... He's the only Johnny I'm still exerting effort for. I've stopped doing things for Chinen or Ohno but not for Taiga.

It's hard to explain why, really. Maybe it's because he's a Junior and Juniors are always lovely thoughts. Or maybe it's because of how princely he is with his looks and wth his actions. Or maybe it's because of how beautiful his voice is and how sexy he can dance. Or maybe it's because of his dorky personality and awkward moments during interviews. Or maybe it's his relentless effort to rise up (he practices smiling every morning! He tries so hard during interviews! He asks for advice from senpais!). Whatever it is, I just really, really love Kyomoto Taiga.

5. When was your very first contact with a Johnny?
A long, long time ago. I was in elementary.

6. Who was it?
Matsumoto Jun. Then I knew arashi through him :D

7. How did you know him?
Gokusen 1! I was in love with Sawada Shin <3

8. When actually did you really start listening/liking the JE?
It was years later (2nd year HS?), when I saw Chinen's picture in my sister's laptop. Chinen looked like a girl XD The On The Wind one? I knew Arashi relatively well then, but was not on fangirl-level yet. My sister just randomly tells me to watch with her. I was in love with Ohno because of his Kitto Daijobu perfomance, so when I realized Chinen was a fan... I researched Chinen and found HS7. The rest is history!

9. What incident brought you into JE?
^The answer above lol

10. Do you have a favourite JE song?
Kitto Daijobu and Kiss Kaerimichi no Love song.

11. Do you listen to them the most?
Not really?

12. If not, who is your favourite band/artist?
I AM ECLECTIC. But Supercell is the one I always listen to no matter what.

13. Which band/singer did you listen/like the most before JE?
Idk. The Beatles? M2M/Spice Girls/Backstreet Boys/A1?


14. Who is your favourite in Kat-tun?
Kamenashi Kazuya

15. Why?
Because he's a strong person who climbed into my heart. I used to not like him (I was a Jin fan), but he showed how adorable and interesting he is.

16. Do you have a favourite song of Kat-tun?
Giri giri... lol, I mean, Real Face. Oh and All or Nothing (Don't you wanna see us when we make it world wide?! <3)

17. Do you have a favourite live of Kat-tun?
Does Dream Boys count?

18. Do you have a favourite show appearance of Kat-tun?
Cartoon KAT-TUN! (My fave would be Hyde's haha And Leah Dizon's, because of Jin's proposal<3)

19. Who do you think can sing the best of Kat-tun?
Koki's normal voice is to die for :o When he sang one KAT-TUN song in his normal voice, I realized how beautiful his voice is *o*

20. Who do you think can dance the most of Kat-tun?
O_O idk Kame?

21. Who is the girliest of Kat-tun?
Kazuko (Because YugoKazuko is otp)!!!

22. Who is the manliest of Kat-tun?
Koki. Just because he raps. lol coherent answer.

23. Who is the cutest member of Kat-tun?
Junno <3

24. Who is the funniest member of Kat-tun?
Nakamaru lol.

25. Who is the most prettiest in Kat-tun?
Ueda Tatsuya

26. Who has the best appearance in Kat-tun?


27. Who is your favourite in NewS?

28. Why?
I might end up saying too much so bullets!
- Wonderful voice
- Cute smile
- Trying-hard-to-be-manly
- Looks like a girl anyway
- I love him when he acts- it's refreshing!
- Sadistic tendencies
- Heart-warming comments about the fans and about the members.
- Massu. (legit reason)

29. Do you have a favourite song of NewS?
Week! And Kibou Yell!

30. Do you have a favourite live of NewS?
As NEWS, fuuuu I'm not sure. I've always been a 4nin fan... I love Tegomass concerts, especially when KoyaShige makes an appearance.

31. Do you have a favourite show appearance of NewS?
News wo abake? In SC?

32. Who do you think can sing the best of NewS?
Tegoshi Yuya

33. Who do you think can dance the best of NewS?
I have no idea so I guess... (Love Addiction's sexy) Koyama.

34. Who is the girliest of NewS?
Despite Tegoshi's girly looks and actions, why is it that I think Koyama is the girliest?

35. Who is the manliest of NewS?
Massu, I think. Haha.

36. Who is the cutest member of NewS?

37. Who is the funniest member of NewS?
Massu always makes me laugh, I don't even know why XD

38. Who is the most prettiest in NewS?
Tegoshi (rofl stop asking this already. Tegoshi is the prettiest and cutest kk)

39. Who has the best appearance in NewS?
Truthfully, Shige during his good days. It's good lately. I'm so happy he's finished with that weird phase.

40. Do you have a favourite PV of NewS?
Week (But I bet the next PV will be my favourite no matter what)


41. Who is your favourite in Kanjani8?
Uwah this is hard. I like Maruyama Ryuhei a lot and Yokoyama Yu and Ohkura Tadayoshi and asdfghjkl; I LIKE THEM ALL.

42. Why?

43. Do you have a favourite song of Kanjani8?

44. Do you have a favourite live of Kanjani8?
I only watch their lives in JE countdown *_* So that, I guess. Especially when they sing Arashi songs.

45. Do you have a favourite show appearance of Kanjani8?
Anything with Kanjani x Arashi. It's my favorite cross grouping :o Especially that AnShi episode omg so adorbs <3

46. Who do you think can sing the best of Kanjani8?
Not Yoko. For sure. Anyone but Yoko. lol.

47. Who do you think can dance the most of Kanjani8?
I want to say Ohkura just because. I only look at his face most of the time though.

48. Who is the girliest of Kanjani8?
Ryo hahaha. He has girly tendencies when in K8, right~? Idk. I find it cute and amusing. He's like the more demure-ish kind of girl.

49. Who is the manliest of Kanjani8?

50. Who is the cutest member of Kanjani8?
Yasu <3

51. Who is the funniest member of Kanjani8?
Yokoyama Yu. He's so funny I love him~

52. Who is the most prettiest in Kanjani8?
Ohkura. Too pretty.

53. Who has the best apperance in Kanjani8?

54. Do you have a favourite PV of Kanjani8?
uwah I don't think I've watched one O_O.


55. Who is your favourite in Arashi?
Riida! :3

56. Why?
Bullets again!
- Beautiful voice
- Effortless graceful dancing
- His acting range is wide haha (Manipulative demon - Brat prince - Stoic detective?!)
- Art skills <3
- He suddenly becomes leader-material out of the blue!
- He comments deeply out of nowhere.
- EVERYTHING about him is interesting *o*

57. Do you have a favourite song of Arashi?
Kitto Daijobuuu~

58. Do you have a favourite live of Arashi?
uwah hard. Kokuritsu? For all the fire and balloons and all that?

59. Do you have a favourite show appearance of Arashi?
Arashi no Shukudai!

60. Who do you think can sing the best of Arashi?
Ohno Satoshi

61. Who do you think can dance the most of Arashi?
Ohno Satoshi

62. Who is the girliest of Arashi?
Aiba, for all his love for Sho.

63. Who is the manliest of Arashi?
Sakurai Sho.

64. Who is the cutest member of Arashi?

65. Who is the funniest member of Arashi?
Hmmm Aiba? Nino? rofl I'm not sure. I laugh at Aiba and Sho's fail but I also love Nino's harsh humor.

66. Who is the most prettiest in Arashi?

67. Who has the best apperance in Arashi?

68. Do you have a favourite PV of Arashi?
Hmmm. I liked their Wild @ Heart PV. It has a lot of what I like in PVs haha. And it's completely random.

Other Units

69. Who is your favourite younger unit?
Team Taiga! Obviously, they're a real unit.

70. Who is your favourite older unit?

71. Do you have a favourite member of any younger or older unit?
Kyomo-chan, Tsuyo-pon

72. Do you have a favourite song of any younger or older unit?
Not SMAP but... Honey Beat by V6, and a lot of Kinki Kids songs (Oh happy happy greeting~)

73. Do you have a favourite show with any younger or older unit?
Shonen Club...I guess.

74. Do you have a favourite live of any younger or older unit?
Taiga's solos asdfghjkl; How can I choose. I like everything *o* Especially the ones with Yuta. Oh and the Junior parts in HSJ concerts/ Summary.


75. Do you have a favourite actor in JE?
ARASHI, everyone. I don't know if I'm just biased but I really love watching them in dramas. Especially Matsujun and his awesome roles. Okaaay I think Matsujun will always be my favorite because of his Sawada Shin and Momo roles (I meaaan they were almost opposites and all but he nailed them and acted just like in the manga!!! Shin is cool and awesome, while Momo was cute and just like a pet /flails).

76. Do you have a favourite dorama starring with one of JE?
Gokusen 1!!! And Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge. (The three JE guys were amazing *o*), Oh and Yamada Tarou Monogatari because of its crack and Nino's sparkly aura.

77. What was your very first dorama starting with one of JE?
Gokusen 1<3

78. Which dorama of JE do you watch recently?

79. Which dorama of JE do you want to watch?
...hm. Hidarime Tantei Eye? I haven't watched it at all.

80. Who do you wish should start acting, who hasn't yet?
Inoo should act in a more popular role kk. He's so beautiful. Kaoru should have an otouto role because he'll be perfect. Otsuka Yuya just because I love him and he's such an adorable brat. (Fuma and Taiga will have dramas this season so asdfghjkl; yay)

81. Who do you wish should stop acting, because he sucks at acting or he should do something else instead?
I'M NOT GOOD AT JUDGING ACTING SKILLS. After all, a lot of people thinks Matsujun sucks at acting but I like him more than Nino so. Yeah.

Questions for fun

82. Do you think that you are JE addicted?
Not really. XD

83. Why do you think so?
I spend more time stalking Horikoshi students and anything Kamiki-related so I'm more Kamiki-addicted than JE addicted.

84. What will you do seeing your favourite Johnny standing infront of your door?
Stare. For a while. Then if he doesn't do anything, ask why the hell he's in front of my door.

85. What advantages does starting liking JE give you?
Making friends and learning different "techniques". I met so many wonderful people in this fandom. My mom likes the fact that I got into Jpop because it seemed like I grew more outgoing because of the fandom. I found more reasons to interact with people. Then I also learned how to use photoshop and different sofwares for the sake of contributing to the fandom. In the end, I was able to apply it to my projects in school XD Then I got more acquianted to the techniques of stalking, which is really an art y'know.

Oh and of course, my Japanese skills kind of improved!

86. What disadvantages does it give you?
Too much time spent on JE! Too much distraction! MONEY PROBLEMS. Lastly and most importantly, the amount of emotional stress I get through for people who don't even know I adore them ;_;

87. How many times a day do you think about JE?
I don't know. Lately, not much.

88. How many times do you have the face of your favourite Johnny around you?
...asdfghjkl; not much. I don't even want to answer because I fail as a fan kk.

89. If your favourite Johnny or your favourite JE has to grant you a wish what would it be?
Go to Karaoke with me, and then he'll serenade me at one point. Then purikura XD (Purikura scandal lolol)

90. If you have a wish about JE, what would it be?
I wish they stop breaking my heart and making me hope for things that don't really happen. Like debuts and such.

91. If you are reborn, you wish to be who?
Nakajima Yuto. For a lot of reasons, starting with Raiya, Suzuka and Chinen lol.

92. If you are a Johnny's right now, who do you wish you are?
Chinen. Idk why. I just want to experience it. I want to be a horikoshi graduate and co-act with Ohno Ito and Aachan!

93. If you can ask your favourite Johnny or your favourite JE band a question, what would it be?
Arashi, do you ever plan on marrying and retiring? HUHU I HOPE YOU DON'T RETIRE EVER

94. Did you ever have a dream with a Johnny?
...I don't think so. I've only dreamt one dream with Shida and Kamiki, that's the only Japanese-related dream I had.

95. If yes, when was it and what was it?

96. Do you have any realizeable goal in your life that has to do with JE?
I guess it's going to a concert first. But I seriously want to be a tutor to the Juniors when I graduate lol. And then the senpai groups' children will be students in my preschool in Japan <3 (YES IT IS REALIZABLE DEFINITELY)

97. Do you like JE BL fanfic?
Before, I guess. Now not really?

98. If yes, who are the best couple of JE?
Sakuraiba, because it's so obvious and they had a date and asdfghjkl; they're so cute.

99. If you are Johnny-san what would you change about JE?
(I secretly want to have a senbatsu for who should debut asdfghjkl;) I guess the biggest change I would make would be to have an official youtube account and an official twitter for all the groups and for Johnny's Junior. Oh and I'll let Kisumai tour the places where their CD sells. (KITAYAMAAAAAAA COME TO THE PHILIPPINES NOW)

100. Do you like this survey?
It's long but yeah.
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