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Doctor Kamiki AU

"What exactly is the reason why you're here?" Suzuka asked without much emotion, sitting at the prince's side. "Don't you have a... I don't know, a kingdom to rule?" She raised an eyebrow and stared at his thoughtful expression.

A grin appeared on his face as he said "I'm not much into kingdom management, really. I'm more of a..." He looked up, thinking of the right term. "I'm not a fighter, I'm a lover." He smirked at her, but rather than maturely handsome, it was more of a boyish kid trying to impress his crush.

It worked. Suzuka looked away, the sides of her lips twitching despite all her efforts not to smile. A soft blush was on her face as she looked down on the floor of the TARDIS. "But seriously," She said, trying to take back control of the conversation. "Don't your people need you?"

He crossed his arms and leaned on the railings behind him, head tilting back and eyes trained on the light at the top of the TARDIS. "They really don't. I know a lot about the war, and I'll just be a weakness in the field. I can always use the Doctor's phone to communicate strategies with them."

She smiled a bit, glancing at his beautiful face. "So you're staying?"

The grin was back on his face when he looked at her with wide, bright eyes. "Would you like that?" He vaguely remembers the scared expression on her face when he first stepped in the TARDIS with his bloodied arm and torso. She knew he was trouble, and wanted to get away as far as possible. But Yuto was the most stubborn prince in the galaxy and he wanted to be her friend. So he persisted, and persisted, and persisted so much that she ended up sighing and telling him that 'okay, I'll talk to you and let you eat with me. Now stop singing love songs around me, please?' They were friends now. And maybe it would develop into something more.

She rolled her eyes. "It would be awkward without you around" was her slightly-cold answer (she was bullying him and he knew and he /liked/ it). "The Doctor is an idiot and Mirai lets him do whatever he wants so having you around is better."

"Yaaay~" He raised both hands in triumph, laughing at her reasoning. "I'm useful to Suzu-chan!"

She hid a smile and looked away.


Kamiki continued peeking from the stairs, smiling and muttering to himself. "Oh dear, this is so exciting!"

At his side was Shida who looked like she could do much more important things than spy on their companions. "They're not characters in your stupid shoujo manga, okay? They might..."

With old eyes, he glanced at her. "I know." Then he pouted childishly and said "But love is beautiful, isn't it?" He insisted. "We know how love hurts," His eyes bore into hers with much more intensity than usual. They knew how much love in war could hurt. They've experienced it first-hand. They were a couple who knew hurt through time. "We know, and yet we continue... /this/." He gripped her hand with both of his. "Because we know love is worth it."

She smiled beautifully before shaking her head and giggling quietly. "Good lord, you're so cheesy sometimes."

"I'm cheesy when it comes to you!" He proudly announced.

"Oh erase that." She laughed some more. "You're ALWAYS cheesy." She glanced at their two companions and then said "Now, let's leave those two. Come read some books with me at the library." With stern eyes, she added "Strategy-related ones, okay? For Yuto's war, not shoujo manga for whatever you want it."

He puffed up his cheeks and muttered "But Love is a War!" He followed anyway and laced their hands together as they walked to the library.
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