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03 September 2011 @ 12:41 am

(click picture to watch the video!)
THIS. Taiga ♥___♥ I'm so proud of him :'> He has his own CM~ And he looks so handsome in it :D I was flailing like mad when I saw it. TAIGA, GO GET SOME MORE EXPOSURE AND THEN FINALIZE THE NAME "TEAM TAIGA"! GO, GO, GO!
(Also, that woman makes me think of that guy from 2PM and Nocchi XD It's nice to help out people but you know, it's weird when you suddenly do it XD)

And some more flailing because I can!Collapse )

Woah. This post is so long. *__*
On RL news, I made a speech about the 4 ways by which singing helped me in life and delivered it in front of class. I had to sing a lot of songs for it. Imagine it: Yacchan, scared of speaking in front of class, actually making a speech and even singing in front of a bunch of people. *sigh* It went well though so I'm happy about it. My professor told me that it was a nice speech and that I had a nice voice too :3

The funny thing about it is that I've been practicing in front of my friends for a few days already and after my performance, they were all: "Wow, your voice sounds nice". I was all "HUH? I've been singing in front of you for three days already! Didn't you ever listen?!"

They said I sing but they can't quite hear my voice? Some of my friends told me that already so I sort-of get it. "Your voice is beautiful but it's too quiet, you know? That's the same for your opinions. You should raise your voice!"

Aaah. Should really work with my confidence huh ;_;
14 August 2011 @ 05:30 pm
I used my mom's Samsung Galaxy Tab yesterday for browsing since I didn't have a laptop at the time. I read through all the entries I missed and commented. But when I checked it today, I was all "NO ONE REPLIED TO ME T___T" until I realized the comments didn't appear anywhere.


Oh well. I've read through everything and am too lazy to comment again. ;_; huhu

Anyway, it's that time of the year again. That time when I can't even go home because school loves me so much that I have to stay in the school vicinity for 7 days every week. *sigh* Oh and I don't have internet in my apartment. I'm a wifi-sniffing person who thrives off free wifi.

/ignores the fact that school should be more depressing. My priorities have gone all wrong *o*

HI ALL! If you want to talk, just comment :p [I sincerely want to talk to you guys♥]

Something else that has something to do with JUMP (and well, juniors)! JUMPPPP. (shet, biruin mo yun).Collapse )

(Keeping this public because it's fuuun. Also, HI FRIENDS WHO I HAVEN'T FRIEND-ED YET! Comment here about your ichiban so we can all be happy and gay. Hi to visitors lol. Comment too for more happiness?)
So um yeah. Almost-done with Summer Classes.

Almost because my over-all Chem points was short by 25 or so points -_-" So I have to take the Finals test. I wanna be exempteeeeed. *o*

Which means I should study now?

...uh, yeah. Yuko Moriguchi would have put HIV-positive blood into the milk I drink because I've been saying 'I want to die' way too lightly lately. *sigh*

I'm way too negative today, ain't I?

...there, a little positivity: Yugo hitting Spanish-Boy.

/goes off to study. Or watch Shibatora. Whichever comes first.

Oh. P.S. I've posted a translation at avexdream5 which might interest those who aren't members yet.
20 May 2011 @ 04:30 pm
Um, at last. The post? Let's not talk about my life. I'm just depressed. And life sucks too much. I'll just hide in my fandom for a while. Thank you. -_-"

A brilliant Actor Gets Brilliant RolesCollapse )

...Wow I've finished it. For real.


This finishes the three-part pimp post for our dear Kamiki Ryunosuke :)
PART 1 (a.k.a. Intro post)
PART 2 (a.k.a. Movie post)
14 May 2011 @ 04:04 pm
Okay before I paste my lengthy post about Kamiki, I'll just say it: Yes, I can't OL much anymore. Yes, I haven't been reading my F-page because I don't have internet at our apartment. And yes, I am actually studying so I can't do anything much. This has been written in a notepad bit by bit long ago so it isn't something I made because of my free time.

You probably all know how much I love this boy. Sadly, I have a long major exam on May 19 which is the reason why I'm posting this one early. I'm hoping that I'll be able to post the Sequel by Evening on May 19. I really hope so. (I'm really depressed because of the timing of the test and of my mother's constant nagging for me to stop fandom-related stuff. :| )

Anyway. Let's go on with this post:

Meet the young boy who have captured millions of hearts because of his energetic personality, wide array of talents and flawless acting.Collapse )
20 April 2011 @ 06:58 pm

As you may or may not know, though I'm betting only crysta0917 knows about it my current (or should I say newest) addiction is this group! DREAM5 from AVEX. Well, if you're an AAA fan, you should have heard of them?

Their music is pretty and they're all pretty damn talented for their age. Especially Kotori whose voice had made me fall in love<3 And Akira's dancing :3

One reason why I'm addicted to them is because... the fandom is really different XDCollapse )

Actually, my whole point is: DREAM5 are cute and awesome and talented so you should check them out. Immediately. AND JOHNNY SHOULD LEARN FROM THEIR STAFF. Give me a proper e-mail service and twitter accounts and just freaking let us be closer to them.

And some random life tidbits.Collapse )
08 November 2010 @ 10:49 pm
Title: Going to the clinic
Pairing: YamaJima
Genre: Fluff. CRACK
Summary: Yamada is sick. And he asks Yuto to come to the clinic with him.
Note: based on rinkaarh's translation of a fan sighting of the two?
-Written last night, so it sounds stupid XD-
Click here for sickly Yamada and caring Yuto?Collapse )

-_-" Sad thing that I can't post my more proper fics cause they aren't finished yet and I'd have to go now. Ja ne (^_^)v
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06 November 2010 @ 01:21 am

I know. It's weird~! :p But oh well. Credits to Bebe for the raw and Natz for the translation. And special thanks to Nacchan who is awesome ♥♥♥ I think every fandom needs a coolnat466! XD

Oh and obviously, this was my bias working. I chose this for practice because it had YamaJima talking about Chinen and Arashi's amazingness♥ I'll sub properly if anyone asks me to. :p YamaJima fans, d'you want me to?

On other completely unrelated (lol not really) topic, HEY! SAY! JUMP HAS A NEW SINGLE! I think I'm powerful >:) I was just whining about NYC being in New York and having a single and HSJ not doing anything~ "Eeeeh HSJ should go to Hawaii again and make Yamada and Yuto flirt with each other since Yamada went to New York without Yuto!!!!" <= First wish happened (somewhat) Then, "I WANT A PV MAKING IN HAWAII" <= I wish this one would be real.
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Ooookay. So this is a fanfic you don't even remember anymore. I wrote this fic last year about the YamaJima reunion... So...

This is the 5th Thing that Happened After YamaJima Reunited... which is the last of the events!

Here's what was written when I found this underneath my files: [But as I just came up with a sudden idea (at 1:00 a.m., December 26, just right after christmas ended to be exact.) I will change the title of this fanfic. Pardon me, pipz.]

Title: 4 Reasons why Okajima is way better than YamaJima (+1 reason why YamaJima will pawn OkaJima any day)

Genre: Fluff. Utter fluff. Oh and pseudo-angst because my Yamada can't live without angsting about one thing or the other :p

Pairing: YamaJima, OkaJima, YamaChii
First part here
Another fail fanfic, after a whileCollapse )
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17 October 2010 @ 06:24 pm

(Credits to clovert and umm... baidu. Yeah.)
Yeah. I'm just here to post this. Because YamaJima can make me ninja-in.
This is my first ever fanvid so sorry for crappiness.

Oh and the quotes are from latest things. Yeah, I spy YamaJima everywhere :p

I'll post/comment soon. I'm just sneaking this in. *bow*
(On another note: a storm is brewing, please pray for us. My mom just went into a panic buying state to be sure we won't starve when we get stranded. I hope it won't be so bad.)

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